graphic of official sealJan. 11, 2020 -- Today, Jan. 11, is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  Every year, millions of women, men and children are trafficked throughout the United States and around the world -- including right here in Westchester County.

It can happen in any community and victims can be any age, race, gender, or nationality. Traffickers use violence, manipulation, threats or false promises of well-paying jobs or even romantic relationships to lure victims into trafficking situations involving sexual activity or forced labor.

In my inaugural address on January 4, I promised that the battle against human trafficking will receive an increased focus under my administration, and our office has already secured a grant from the federal government to strengthen our work in this area.

One of the keys to combating this terrible problem is to raise awareness of the issues surrounding human trafficking. National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is in part commemorated by the #WearBlueDay campaign on social media.

The Westchester County DA’s office is proud to participate in this effort as we work to raise awareness of this important issue.