The Appeals and Special Litigation Division handles the appeals process for criminal convictions and other post-conviction litigation in both state and federal court. Appeals are litigated in the Appellate Term, Appellate Division, and the New York State Court of Appeals. FOIL Requests and post-conviction motions, among other things, are also handled by the Division.

Discovery Bureau
The Discovery Bureau, created by DA Rocah in 2021, handles of the discovery obligations of the Office, including cataloging and distributing documents, body camera video, and other items that are required to be disclosed pursuant to the Criminal Procedure Law. In addition, the Bureau provides training and assistance with discovery related issues to other members of the Office and outside law enforcement agencies. The Bureau is staffed by experienced Assistant District Attorneys and paralegals.

FOIL Requests
The Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) pertains to the public's right to request government records. All requests made to the Westchester County District Attorney’sOffice pursuant to FOIL must be submitted in writing to the Records Access Officer. Submit a FOIL request