Dec. 31, 2019 -- “As we prepare to welcome the start of 2020, I want to wish everyone who lives and works in Westchester County a wonderful new year filled with promise.

As Chief Law Enforcement Officer, I want to reaffirm my mission in creating a safer and more secure community.

2020 sees the implementation of sweeping criminal justice reform. My office has been preparing and planning for bail and pretrial discovery changes for the last few months. We are working closely with the criminal justice community–our colleagues in police departments as well as criminal defense attorneys–to implement these new laws and bring more transparency to the system. As with anything new, there will be challenges; but together, the Westchester County criminal justice community will get through them.

I am proud that Westchester is a wonderfully diverse community but with heightened concerns in the region regarding anti-Semitic attacks and other hate incidents, our Hate Crimes Unit continues to educate students and community groups. The aim is to help prevent bias crimes and promote an understanding of cultural differences. In addition our intelligence analysts, working with law enforcement in the state and county, are on alert to counter other potential threats.

The holidays and the start of the new year can be very emotional and stressful for many people, especially the most vulnerable. To support the state’s Red Flag Law, we have put in place a special unit to help those seeking an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) against someone they believe is at risk of using a firearm to hurt themselves or others.

We also continue to focus our efforts on protecting children, the elderly, and those who may be taken advantage of by criminals.

Now, as the New Year dawns, I would like to ask all of you to help keep Westchester safe. I urge you to report your concerns to your local police if you feel there is suspicious or criminal activity or if you believe someone is in danger of hurting themselves or others. Together, let us make this a safe and happy 2020.”



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