Westchester District Attorney Anthony Scarpino and Tuckahoe Police Chief John CostanzoOn Aug. 14, 2019, Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr. joined Tuckahoe Police Chief John Costanzo and Tuckahoe Mayor Greg Luisi to announce the arrest of Matthew Bonanno, M.D. of Great neck, Long Island, on 29-counts of criminal possession of weapons in varying degrees. Bonanno was arrested and taken into custody Monday, Aug. 12, 2019. The news conference was held at the Village of Tuckahoe Municipal Building.

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The Chief and the DA explained that the 47-year-old Bonanno had been at his ex-wife’s home Monday. He was described at intoxicated and called a friend to pick him up at her Tuckahoe residence. While in the car, the friend later told police, Bonanno threatened to kill his wife and family. At one point, a handgun became visible. After going to a local bar, the friend stepped outside and called police telling them he was concerned about Bonanno’s threats.

Tuckahoe police arrived on the scene and Chief Costanzo said he was taken into custody without incident. The police found a loaded Glock semi-automatic pistol in the friend’s car. Later, at the wife’s home, police searched his SUV and found a cache of weapons in the rear including five loaded assault rifles, three handguns, more than a thousand rounds of ammunition, telescopic sights for guns, body armor and more.

The DA’s Office drew up search warrants for a residence listed on his driver’s license with a Briarcliff address in Mount Pleasant and his home in Great Neck. The Long Island residence yielded another large cache of assault rifles, a shotgun, handguns, high-capacity magazines, body armor, hundreds of rounds ammunition, smoke grenades and other weapons.

At the news conference, police displayed the weapons found in Tuckahoe and described them as illegal assault weapons, some with modifications. The Chief also described the vest and other body armor as being high quality.
DA Scarpino commended Tuckahoe Police for acting swiftly and bringing the defendant into custody. He said, “We can breathe a little easier knowing these weapons are out of the hands of someone who might cause harm to others and possibly himself. The magnitude of weapons and other paraphernalia found is of great concern.” He added, “We will find out how these guns came into the defendant’s possession, how they got to Westchester, and why he had such an unusual collection of weapons in the vehicle as well as other locations.

Bonanno was arraigned in Tuckahoe Village Court and remanded into custody in Westchester County Jail without bail.

The LI weapons were seized and secured by the Nassau County Police Department, which planned to arrest Bonanno on additional charges.

In compliance with the Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 3.6, you are advised that a charge is merely an accusation and that a defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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