“Criminal justice reform continues to be a hallmark of my administration with a focus on keeping Westchester safe. Today, I join with other progressive leaders, including a number of other district attorneys, to call on legislators to pass the Less is More Act which will help reform New York’s parole system. This bill would address key issues in community supervision and reduce technical parole violations, which means fewer people held in county jails.”

According to the Independent Commission on NYC Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform, the three main components of Less Is More [Senate Bill S1343C] are:

  • Providing merit time credits for people under parole supervision to incentivize good behavior and reduce the number of people under supervision;
  • Establishing a notice of violation and hearing process so people accused of parole violations are no longer subject to automatic detention in county jails while the alleged violation is adjudicated by administrative judge; and
  • Capping periods of incarceration for people with substantiated violations and removing incarceration as a sanction for certain technical violations.