Westchester County DA Anthony Scarpino, Jr.

“With the U.S. attack on targets in Bagdad, Iraq, and reports of public threats of revenge from Iranian leaders, intelligence agencies in our region are on alert for possible retaliation by Iran and its terrorist partners. At this time, we urge all religious and civic institutions as well as residents of Westchester to put safety first.

As part of our ongoing work to keep Westchester safe, the Westchester Intelligence Center, a department in my office, continues to monitor intelligence from Homeland Security, New York State Police, NYPD and other agencies. The WIC will share relevant information with the County’s 42 local police departments, which may mean the difference between a threat and actual violence.

We want to remind those of you who live and work in Westchester: if you have any concerns for your safety or that of others, tell your local police. Please, Westchester, Say Something.”