Image of top half of brochure about child abuse is a crimeProtecting the children of our community

Child abuse comes in many forms: physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect. If you suspect a childs is the victim of abuse or maltreatment, read how you can help.


image of Report Hate Crime textDon't let fear stop you from reporting a crime

All crime is illegal. But hate crimes are deeply troubling since they also propogate hatred and bigotry that targets a specific group within a community. Read more about hate crimes.


District Attorney Scarpino with the class of 2017Crediting the outstanding work of his Attorney Hiring Committee, Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr. today proudly presented the Class of 2017.

"Thanks to the efforts of our Attorney Hiring Committee, we welcomed to the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office 16 talented attorneys to join our staff of lawyers who are among the finest, most committed prosecutors in the State," DA Scarpino said.

He noted that a number of those attorneys hired in 2017 bring with them years of valuable legal experience while others are recent graduates from some of the finest law schools who have elected to enter public service and serve the people of Westchester County as new prosecutors.

The Class of 2017 consists of:

  • Paul Noto, First Deputy District Attorney
  • Eileen Songer McCarthy, First Deputy District Attorney
  • William Schaeffer, Second Deputy District Attorney
  • Lila Kirton, Deputy Bureau Chief
  • Arthur Bernardon, Junior Assistant District Attorney
  • Christine DiSalvo, Assistant District Attorney
  • Matthew Martinez, Junior Assistant District Attorney
  • Brian Pouliot, Assistant District Attorney
  • Jennifer Sculco, Assistant District Attorney
  • Spencer Littman, Junior Assistant District Attorney
  • Kevin Jones, Junior Assistant District Attorney
  • Sharleen Bailon, Junior Assistant District Attorney
  • Mathew V. John, Jr., Junior Assistant District Attorney
  • Craig Ascher, Assistant District Attorney
  • Megan Hannon, Assistant District Attorney
  • Emily Rowe-Smith, Assistant District Attorney