Domestic Violence 
Domestic violence and intimate partner violence take place when a person in a relationship or living in the same household uses tactics such as physical violence, sexual assault, economic exploitation, or emotional or psychological abuse to exert power over the other person or persons they want to control. The Domestic Violence Bureau protects the most vulnerable from domestic abuse in all its forms, including intimate partner abuse, teen dating violence and elder abuse. Specially trained prosecutors work with a team of domestic violence aides, many of whom are bilingual, to investigate and prosecute cases and help victims navigate the criminal justice system. Prosecutors also assist police on special issues related to domestic violence cases such as mandatory arrest provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law, response to lethality assessment issues, seizure/surrender of firearms, orders of protection and criminal contempt charges.

Child Victims
The Child Abuse Bureau coordinates all investigations of abuse against children through age 17, whether the abuse is at home or elsewhere. This very specialized work revolves around victim-centered prosecution. In collaboration with the staff of the Child Advocacy Center and the Multi-Disciplinary Team Investigation Information Coordinator, prosecutors work with an on-site trauma therapist and other child welfare professionals to support victims and build strong criminal cases.

Senior Victims
The Elder Abuse Unit (EAU) handles prosecutions of crimes committed against seniors, including physical abuse and financial exploitation. The EAU is an active member of the Westchester Elder Abuse Multi-Disciplinary Team, which examines such cases and solves related problems. Chief Green is also a member of the NYS Judicial Committee on Elder Justice, a standing Advisory Committee of the NYS Courts. In 2019, the EAU participated in many trainings for police officers, advocates and seniors at locations as diverse as the WC Police Academy, WC Senior Law Day or at local senior centers.

Human Trafficking
Traffickers seek to abuse vulnerable residents. Our staff and partners are committed to identifying and supporting victims of sex trafficking and labor trafficking. We support and work alongside our community partners who are similarly engaged in the fight against trafficking. We strive to do all we can to effectively expose and prosecute those responsible. As co-chairs of the WC AntiTrafficking Task Force, we help lead the County in investigating these crimes and educating law enforcement about them.


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