District Attorney Press Release







Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore announced that Anne Trovato (DOB 11/09/79) of 156 Foshay Avenue, Pleasantville, New York was sentenced today to an indeterminate sentence of twenty five years to life in state prison on her conviction to one count of Murder in the Second Degree, a class “A” Felony and to a determinate sentence of fifteen years in state prison on her conviction to one count of Burglary in the Second Degree, a class “C” Felony, in the 2006 Mother’s Day murder of her mother, Patricia Mery.


The sentences will be served concurrently.


On Saturday May 13, 2006, at about 7:45 p.m. Westchester County Child Protective Services received an anonymous call from a female caller alleging that there was abuse of a child at 4 Yates Avenue in Ossining. CPS contacted the Ossining Police Department who responded and found the house locked and the lights off in the home.


On Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 14, 2006, at approximately 12:45 p.m. the Ossining Police Department received a call from Michael Mery, the brother of Patricia Mery, who said the family had neither seen nor heard from his sister since May 11, 2006. Mr. Mery met the police at his sister’s house.


Upon entering he found his sister dead on the floor in the living room area of the home.


After an extensive investigation, Ossining police arrested Trovato and an alleged accomplice, Carmela Magnetti.


Carmela Magnetti (DOB 5/12/76) of 156 Foshay Avenue, Pleasantville, New York who was indicted on September 19th, 2006, on one count of Criminal Facilitation in the Second Degree, a class “C” Felony, two counts of Hindering Prosecution in the First Degree, class “D” Felonies and one count of Tampering With Physical Evidence, a class “E” Felony, is awaiting trial.


“Due to the vengeful and rage stoked actions of the defendant, as evidenced by the brutality of the murder, a young child has been left both without her mother and grandmother,” commented District Attorney Janet DiFiore after the sentencing. “In one of life’s ironies, however, the child’s father, who in the police investigation of the murder was made aware that he was a parent, was subsequently awarded custody and will now raise his daughter.”


Assistant District Attorney Tim Ward, Chief of the Career Criminal Bureau and Assistant District Attorney Lana Hochheiser of the Career Criminal Bureau prosecuted the case.

Anne Trovato