In 2006, Westchester County became the fourth county in the state to have an approved Child Fatality Review Team (CFRT). The Child Fatality Review Team’s mission is to review reported child fatalities and to promote child safety in Westchester County through its subsequent comprehensive multidisciplinary examination of the cause, manner and circumstances of a designated child’s death and to determine actions that may be taken to prevent future unnecessary deaths.

The Child Fatality Review Team brings together the resources of a multidisciplinary team of professionals including, the District Attorney, the Medical Examiner, Department of Social Services, Department of Health, the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, a forensic pediatrician, Victim Assistance Services and members of law enforcement, including the New York State Police and local police departments, to carefully review the circumstances that have led up to the death of any child, who at the time of the death, was receiving services from the Department of Social Services or its contract agency; whose death was reported to the New York State Central Registrar for Child Abuse and Maltreatment; or whose death is unexplained, unexpected or suspicious.

The Westchester County CFRT is committed to examining deaths with the goal of preventing future fatalities. Toward this end, the CFRT does not limit its scope of its reviews or recommendations to that which the social services law requires, but rather the CFRT uses its reviews to make all appropriate recommendations to promote child safety. Since its inception here in Westchester County the CFRT has prepared eight independent reports for public dissemination which proactively address issues related to child deaths reviewed by the team.

Most recently in October 2016, members of the CFRT, including the District Attorney’s Office participated in a public awareness campaign launched by the county aimed at preventing infant deaths attributed to unsafe sleep environment by promoting the “ABCs of Safe Sleep” throughout Westchester. The Westchester County District Attorney is committed to the mission of the Child Fatality Review Team and preventing the tragic deaths of children.

Independent Child Fatility Reviews


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