While the primary mission of the Office of the District Attorney is to prosecute crime and hold individuals accountable for their actions, law enforcement in the twenty-first century must also anticipate developing trends in society.

This is where prevention is so important.

The modern-day prosecutor’s approach to fighting crime has moved towards a more proactive, holistic model -- one that actively addresses public safety needs and the many complicated issues that drive crime in our communities.

The Westchester County District Attorney’s office has developed a number of initiatives designed to improve public safety, better represent the needs of victims and provide local law enforcement with necessary tools and support.

  • Intel CenterA state-of-the-art, County-wide intelligence and analytical center for Westchester County’s law enforcement partners. The center brings together Westchester’s 43 independently run police departments as well as each of the multi-jurisdictional police agencies operating within Westchester County in an unprecedented information-sharing structure. 
  • CFRT: The Child Fatality Review Team brings together the resources of a multidisciplinary team of professionals, the District Attorney, the Medical Examiner, the New York State Office of Children and Family Services and protective specialists to carefully review the circumstances and events that have led up to the death of any child who, at the time of death, was living in a local foster care placement; whose death was reported to the New York State Central Register for Child Abuse and Maltreatment; or whose death is unexplained, unexpected or suspicious.
  • Reentry: More than half of convicted offenders returned to Westchester County upon completion of their sentence of imprisonment are rearrested within three years. The rate at which ex-offenders recidivate might lead one to question the efficacy of rehabilitative treatment programs and services available to assist returning offenders and perhaps even conclude that efforts to rehabilitate and successfully reintegrate certain ex-offenders might be a futile venture. Recognizing the critical role that local communities play in reintegrating offenders, we in Westchester County have formed a Reentry Task Force. The Task Force is charged with improving the county’s ability to effectively provide the support and services many released offenders need to successfully reintegrate into the community and lead law-abiding, productive lives.


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