Westchester District Attorney Anthony Scarpino and Tuckahoe Police Chief John Costanzo

Office of Immigrant Affairs
Assistant District Attorney Lila Kirton, Director

Help Line: (914) 995-1616






It is important for immigrants to know that all Westchester County residents have the right to live without being victimized by anyone. They can report a crime committed against them or report a crime they have witnessed without fear–even if they do not speak English, do not understand the laws of the U.S., or are residing in the U.S. without legal status. Our office is here to help. We will meet with people anywhere they feel comfortable and speak with them in any language.

The Office of Immigrant Affairs (OIA) was established in August 2017 to assist the County’s various immigrant communities in navigating the criminal justice system in Westchester County. OIA will help all immigrants, regardless of status, obtain justice within our legal system. Victimized immigrants may report any type of crime, including violent crimes, human trafficking and domestic violence, failure to pay wages or fraud.

In addition to examining crimes targeting the immigrant community, the OIA serves as a liaison to foster cooperation within the legal system. We want both victims and witnesses, and their advocates, to work with us to investigate and prosecute cases. Anyone may call our help line Help Line (914) 995-1616 or email:

The District Attorney’s Office aids in the U-Visa process by reviewing certification requests for people who have been victims of crimes in Westchester County. To qualify for certification, the victim must be fully cooperative in the prosecution of a case handled by the District Attorney’s Office, and must be a victim of a qualifying criminal activity as defined by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

For more information, view or download our brochure about Immigrant Affairs in Spanish and English.