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The Westchester Intelligence Center, known as the Intel Center or WIC, is a state-of-the-art countywide intelligence and analytical center for Westchester’s law enforcement partners. It brings together the county’s 42 police departments and multijurisdictional police agencies operating here and in neighboring counties in an unprecedented information sharing structure. The WIC’s mission is to support the criminal investigative process for all these agencies through collection, analysis and dissemination of law enforcement intelligence.

The role is a proactive one–being in front of intelligence that may prevent crime; and an active one–in investigating crimes being prosecuted by the DA’s Office from hate crime to human trafficking, to gangs and violent crime, pattern burglaries, special prosecutions and more. The WIC hosts “CountySTAT,” a monthly meeting for the DA’s Office, police chiefs and commissioners to review criminal trends and policies. It also maps locations of schools and houses of worship to enhance law enforcement response if and when necessary. The WIC helps keep Westchester schools safe by hosting School Resource Officer information-sharing meetings and contributes to the School Safety Commission. Another goal is to provide strategic solutions to prevent and solve crimes, and to identify threats to vulnerable community sectors through intelligence-led policing.

As an example, the WIC engages in hate crime/hate speech intelligence-gathering utilizing the following methods in addition to others:

  • Has established partnerships with the U.S. Department of Justice/FBI, US Department of Homeland Security, NYS Crime Analysis Centers and others for the purpose of international, national and local hate-based intelligence gathering
  • Has partnerships with community organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League and the Westchester Jewish Council Security Committee
  • Upon request, researches social media and other online sources to identify, track and monitor individuals and groups engaged in hate crimes/hate speech and potential threats
  • Conducts Situational Awareness, Threat Assessment, and Security Risk Assessment briefings and trainings at houses of worship


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