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The Westchester Intelligence Center (WIC) is a state-of-the-art collaborative resource that provides essential support, coordination and information sharing among the 42 city, town and village police departments and numerous federal and state law enforcement agencies that operate in Westchester County. In addition to serving as a clearinghouse for intelligence among these agencies, WIC provides research and investigative support for ongoing investigations and tracks crime trends affecting Westchester County.

The center is staffed by crime analysts, detectives and investigators from law enforcement agencies in Westchester. WIC analysts routinely develop evidence and leads through online sources and analyze large volumes of electronic and communications data for evidentiary value. Employing resources such as facial recognition software, license plate readers and social media, analysts have identified and located suspects. In multi-jurisdictional investigations, WIC can provide analysis to the agencies involved and serve a coordinating role in developing the common strategic approach. Cases in which WIC play an important investigative role include homicides, robberies, rape, burglaries, animal cruelty, narcotics and elder financial abuse.

WIC hosts regular intelligence sharing meetings among local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as CountySTAT, a monthly meeting among the district attorney and police chiefs and commissioners to review trends and policies in Westchester County. These meetings ensure that critical intelligence is shared with all police agencies in the region.


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