The Westchester County District Attorney’s office is organized into five divisions, each supervised by a Second Deputy District Attorney. Those divisions include:

  • Local Criminal Courts and Grand Jury Division
  • Superior Court Trial Division
  • Appeals and Special Litigation Division
  • Investigations Division
  • Special Prosecutions Division.

Local Criminal Courts and Grand Jury Division
The Division’s Local Criminal Courts Bureau includes eight branch offices that prosecute cases in the 41 city, town and village criminal courts throughout the County. The Grand Jury Bureau presents cases to the Grand Jury that are not vertically prosecuted by other Divisions.

Superior Court Trial Division
This Division is responsible for obtaining dispositions of felony indictments, either by jury trial or guilty plea, that reflect the gravity of the crime. The Division prosecutes major felonies, including cross-jurisdictional cases with federal and other District Attorney’s offices in New York State.

The Division is comprised of the following Bureaus: Pleadings, Homicide, Career Criminal, Narcotics and Firearms, Sex Crimes, Vehicular Crimes and Major Case Coordination, as well as the Violation of Probation, Arson and Bias Crime Units. The Bias Crime Unit investigates and prosecutes hate crimes, working closely with local police departments to investigate potential bias crimes and engaging in public education on bias crimes.

Appeals and Special Litigation Division
The Appeals and Special Litigation Division responds to legal challenges to criminal charges or convictions. These include direct appeals of convictions; challenges to the admissibility of statements, identifications and other evidence; federal writs of habeas corpus; extraditions and other matters.

This Division is comprised of the Appeals, Motions and Special Litigation, and Training and Education Bureaus.

Investigations Division
This Division is at the forefront of the District Attorney’s proactive effort to fight a wide range of complex criminal cases, including identity theft, internet fraud, online sexual predators, financial scams, public corruption, narcotics, gang activity and environmental crimes.

The Division is comprised of the following Bureaus: Economic Crimes, High Technology Crime, Organized Crime and Criminal Enterprise, Public Integrity, Narcotics, Gang Violence and Firearms, Environmental Crimes, Auto Crimes, Crimes Against Revenue Prosecutions, Animal Cruelty, Mortgage Fraud, and Identity Theft. The Investigation Division also includes the Criminal Investigators Squad.

Special Prosecutions Division
This Division investigates and prosecutes all cases of domestic violence, child abuse and elder abuse, including cases of sexual assault of a victim who is a child or intimate partner of relative of the defendant. Working with the Child Fatality Review Team and two separate Multi-Disciplinary Teams for child abuse and elder abuse cases, Special Prosecutions ADAs work closely with our partners in law enforcement, medicine, social services and victim services to ensure effective investigations and appropriate assistance to victims. A staff of domestic violence abuse aides assist specialized county prosecutors and ADAs in guiding victims through the criminal justice system. The Division includes the Victim Justice Center, which provides assistance to victims that includes court accompaniment, on-site counseling and help with applications for victim compensation.

The Division is comprised of the Domestic Violence Bureau, the Child Abuse Bureau, the Elder Abuse Unit, the Trafficking Response Unit, the Victim’s Justice Center and the Translation Unit.