The following is a list of District Attorneys who have served the people of Westchester since each county in New York State became its own district in 1818.

Prior to that, New York State was divided up into seven "districts" overseen by an Assistant Attorney General. In 1801 the name was changed to District Attorney.

The District Attorney is elected to a four-year term.


Robert P. Lee 1819-1820 -------------
Aaron Ward 1820-1823 Sing Sing (Ossining)
William Nelson 1823-1845 Peekskill
Richard R. Voris 1845-1848 Sing Sing (Ossining)
William W. Scrugham 1848-1851 Yonkers
Edward Wells 1851-1857 Peekskill
William H. Pemberton 1857-1863 --------------
Pelham L. Mcclellan 1863-1866 Mount Vernon
John S. Bates 1866-1869 Bedford
Jackson O. Dykman 1869-1872 White Plains
Daniel C. Briggs 1872-1875 Peekskill
Robert Cochran 1875-1878 White Plains
Nelson H. Baker 1878-1890 Sing Sing (Ossining)
William P. Platt 1890-1896 White Plains
George C. Andrews 1896-1901 Tarrytown
J. Addison Young 1902-1907 New Rochelle
Francis A. Winslow 1908-1913 Yonkers
Frederick E. Weeks 1914-1916 White Plains
Lee Parsons Davis 1917-1921 Yonkers
Frederick E. Weeks 1922 White Plains
Arthur Rowland 1923-1928 Yonkers
Frank H. Coyne 1929-1934 Yonkers
Walter A. Ferris 1935-1939 Port Chester
Elbert T. Gallagher 1940-1945 Katonah
George M. Fanelli 1946-1952 New Rochelle
Samuel Faile 1952-1954 White Plains
Joseph L. Gagliardi 1955-1960 Larchmont
Robert Trainor 1961 Eastchester
Leonard Rubenfeld 1962-1969 Peekskill
Carl A. Vergari 1970-1993 Yonkers
Jeanine Pirro 1994-2005 Harrison
Janet DiFiore 2006-2016 Bronxville
James A. McCarty (acting) 2016 Mamaroneck
Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr. 2017 - 2020 Bedford
Miriam E. Rocah 2021 - Present Scarsdale


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