The integrity of every criminal prosecution and conviction is paramount to Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr. He and his Office are committed to insuring that every prosecution and conviction are based on truth and the legal principles of justice. Every conviction integrity complaint and claims of actual innocence will be taken seriously and are reviewed via a thoughtful and transparent protocol.

To ensure any verdict in question is fully investigated and it is justified under the applicable laws, DA Scarpino hired First Deputy District Attorney Victor Olds, Chief of Professional Responsibility, in early 2019 to lead all conviction integrity reviews and create a protocol for handling any and all cases which fall into question, whether submitted by a defendant or based on new information regarding public integrity, potential false testimony or compromised investigative procedures or prosecutorial misconduct.

FDDA Olds joined the Westchester DA’s Office after serving, among other roles, as Chief of Professional Responsibility, Recruitment and Training in the Bronx County DA’s Office; and as First Deputy Commissioner, and then Acting Commissioner, in the New York City Department of Investigation. With his independence and career experience, including as a federal prosecutor in the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York for 12 years, FDDA Olds is uniquely qualified to independently review and assess the integrity of convictions handled by this Office.

FDDA Olds has been charged with structuring and maintaining the Office’s Conviction Integrity Review Protocol (CIRP), whereby any and all grieved cases are assessed based on an independent investigation and legal review. Each CIRP Panel will be comprised of WCDA staff selected on an ad hoc basis to insure independent inquiry and diversity of thought as procedures are reviewed.

Olds will have full access to all resources needed to call a Panel, including criminal investigators, analysts, prosecutors and paralegals, to conduct in-depth investigations into the prosecution in question. This ad hoc method will ensure no case is taken lightly or reviewed by staff who may have been involved in the initial prosecution.

The CIRP Panel’s confidential findings will be brought to DA Scarpino who has the responsibility of making all final decisions concerning the disposition of the case.