District Attorney Press Release





Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore announced that Alicia Eimicke (DOB 4/19/61) of 255 West 94th Street, New York, New York, the former President of V.W. Eimicke Associates, Inc., was sentenced today to five years probation on her March, 2008 guilty pleas of Grand Larceny, Scheme to Defraud and violating the Martin Act. The Martin Act sets forth the statutory framework governing the offer and sale of securities in New York State.


As a condition of Eimicke’s sentence an upfront amount of $1,000,000.00 in restitution has been paid with an additional $126,000 to be paid through and as a condition of her probation.


She also will have to perform 250 hours of community service to be determined by the Court.


In September, 2000, Alicia Eimicke took over the management of V.W. Eimicke Associates, Inc., a business forms supply company founded by her father. Since 1994, the business had been insolvent but kept afloat by offering a 15% rate of return on bonds sold to family and friends.  Alicia Eimicke continued and increased the bond program.


From March 15th, 1999 to June 1st, 2004, the defendant directly or indirectly, through people who had already invested, convinced investors, from as far away as Arizona and Michigan, to purchase new bonds based upon the false understanding that business operations could sustain that high rate of return.


Eimicke consistently refused to disclose the company’s true financial condition, maintaining that their investments were secure.


Actually, the high returns that were paid required an ever increasing flow of money from new investors in order to keep the scheme going.  


V. W. Eimicke Associates, Inc. declared bankruptcy on June 1st, 2004.


Civil litigation is ongoing in regards to the bankruptcy.

Second Deputy District Attorney Ted Livingston, Chief of the Investigations Division and Assistant District Attorney Nicole Gamble, of the Economic Crimes Bureau, prosecuted the case.


Alicia Eimicke